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BaFang Brief Introduction
Advantage Recourse And Industry
Introducing of the General Manager
Labor Force Export
BaFang Brief Introduction
Ocean Hunting & Food Manufacturing
Textile Garment
Machinery & Eelectric
BaFang Brief Introduction
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BaFang Brief Introduction

   China. qidong bafang labour economy technolgy co.,ltd lies in the castern part-qidong city jiangsu province of china, which renowned as“the backyard garden of shanghai”and “the pearl of nantong”.it faces shanghai by changjiang river, east with donghai, north with huanghai, which totally melt herein. qidong has rich accumulation of culture, it was famous for “the easternparadise”. it has distinct four seasons and abundant rainfalls, with total population of 1.16 million, which come into being the rich labor force. it surrounded the atmosphere of plain and harmony. it is also well known for the county of textile, garment, marine material-processing, fishing and construction. so is the star county in china and the sanitary city in china.
    Approved by nantong foreign economy & trading cooperation bureau, china. Qidong bafang labour economy technology co.,ltd is the authorized professional company to be engaged in carrying out labor force(including trainee)sending, management talents intermediate, foreign trade, technology training cooperated with the foreign authorized company and JITCO associated members. We have successfully sent labors to japan, Singapore, CNMI, south korea, germany Mauritius, Malaysia and other 20countries and regions, who were engaged in construction, textile &garment, round knitting & horizontal knitting, mechanic & electronic, rubber & plastic, ocean transportation and more than 30 kinds. We strictly administrate the trainee, no phenomenon of running away and forced to back ever occurred.
    Bafang company is active in exploring the international market, various labor force of construction, garment, fish man scattered in the 20 countries and regions in the world, specially the administrative staffs, directors and ordinary workers forthe employer inH.K, Taiwan, macao is well appreciated.” the credit enterprise in foreign economy” was granted by themunicipal government.The company insisted in the aim of “credit first, superb administration” and warmly welcome the friends to come and cooperate in any way.


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